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Electric Vehicle Articles

Santa Cruz to the Oregon Border (Dorris, CA) 800 miles

August 2019 EV Road Trip, 2420 miles $80 fuel cost

Short trip to Tahoe

Running Critical Home Circuits from an Electric Car (V2H), Video

Using PlugShare Trip Planner

Arizona road trip in BoltEV

Article, “The Business of EV”

Wedding 2017

Will & Michelle wedding video, 10/23/2017, slideshow of wedding and honeymoon photos

Class Links

Speed test, click on Go

Speed test mini, download and install

Jim Schoenduve photo


AnyWho – telephone directory, reverse listing

White Pages by CallerSmart

CNet – free downloads and price

Web base virus scanningsuperantispyware


Free SoftwareWindows 


AVG Anti Virus Internet Security (free trial) AVG (free addition)

PDF reader, Adobe Mozilla (Firefox) – browser

For Purchase

Internet backup service (sky desk)


USPS stamp prices

MapQuest -map locations Earthquake activity

Irish Classic Radio Station WhatIs – information, definitions of computer terms. House – write to goverment IRS

Airline tickets

Used car prices

BBQ Kingdom

TVGuide – cable listing

Live Chat


Accuweather Weather

NetFlix -movie rentals

Public Library System

Google Hacks – book of tools CNN – news

MapBlaster – map locations

Fandango movie tickets

Dan’s (my son-in-law in Ireland) new business: NeighbourhoodMidwives

EMail Etiquette (netiquette)

http://www.iwillfollow.com/email.htm http://www.emailreplies.com/ http://www.cs.queensu.ca/FAQs/email/etiquette.html http://www.library.yale.edu/training/netiquette/ http://www.dynamoo.com/technical/etiquette.htm

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