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Will & Michelle wedding video, 10/23/2017, slideshow of wedding and honeymoon photos

 Tahoe Road trip in BoltEV by page (page-1, page-2, page-3)

Arizona road trip in BoltEV

Michelle Murray Artwear

Class Links

Speed test, click on Go

Speed test mini, download and install

Jim Schoenduve photo


AnyWho – telephone directory, reverse listing

CNet – free downloads and price

Web base virus scanningsuperantispyware


Free SoftwareWindows 


AVG Anti Virus Internet Security (free trial) AVG (free addition)

PDF reader, Adobe Mozilla (Firefox) – browser

For Purchase

Internet backup service (sky desk)


USPS stamp prices

MapQuest -map locations Earthquake activity

Irish Classic Radio Station WhatIs – information, definitions of computer terms. House – write to goverment IRS

Airline tickets

Used car prices

BBQ Kingdom

TVGuide – cable listing

Live Chat


Accuweather Weather

NetFlix -movie rentals

Public Library System

Google Hacks – book of tools CNN – news

MapBlaster – map locations

Fandango movie tickets

Dan’s (my son-in-law in Ireland) new business: NeighbourhoodMidwives

EMail Etiquette (netiquette)

http://www.iwillfollow.com/email.htm http://www.emailreplies.com/ http://www.cs.queensu.ca/FAQs/email/etiquette.html http://www.library.yale.edu/training/netiquette/ http://www.dynamoo.com/technical/etiquette.htm

Computer Repair Services Near Me