Offering a wide range of services to the PC user (also see Amazon Home Services)

  • Computer tune-up
  • New Computer setup, HP, Dell, Toshiba, IBM, Sony or generic
  • Custom built computer
  • Application Training
  • Home network setup
  • Domain registration
  • Web Hosting options

Complete PC Solutions for the home.

The first hour is free! (must be requested)

  • Interview to define specific needs
  • Purchase Equipment and/or software
  • Setup and install
  • Training, function and application specific support.  I can provide a complete package including live remote (Zoho) and phone support
    • Interview to identify system performance requirements
    • Make a list of items to purchase
    • Purchase all the items, custom HP, Compaq, Dell or generic systems
    • Make an appointment to install
    • Install and get all functions working
    • Setup initial training on basic functions
    • Make appointment to train user on the critical applications
    • Troubleshoot any problems that come up
    • Establish subscription through partner services for one year of 24×7 live phone/web support
    • Create your own personal domain name ( or .net or many other options)
    • Setup your own personal web hosting service with unlimited email account names (

Complete systems (computer, display, printer) starting at $800 or less.  Used Windows and Linux computers available starting at $80, ask.

 Remote Training and Support

Backup Services and recovery solutions
Survive a PC disaster with Carbonite Online Backup

If you would like to have me work on your computer remotely (not available 24×7), email me for link, which is free to install, then my discount hourly rate would apply for the time I am connected to your PC ($80 per hour).

Willing to do a subscription or hourly rate structure.

I am a patient and skilled PC Support person with over 30 years of experience. I am proficient with many applications but mostly Microsoft products. My specialty is working with people who have very limited computer skills. Let me make it easy for you.