Complete PC Solutions for the home

Payment options include, cash, check, Zelle, Venmo, PayPal (will@beckettpcsolutions.com), Square(reader on site only)

Solid State hard drive (SSD) upgrades, 500gig $130 and 1TB $165.  If you are not using much of the space on your 1TB drive I can shrink it to use the 500gig SSD.

$120 per hour (Santa Cruz Co., $80 per hour for Rio Del Mar neighborhood residents) . Travel time from the Santa Cruz County area (suspended due to Covid). Discounts available for students and seniors. Remote access and computers delivered to my office will have the discount rate of $80 per hour.

Beckett PC Solutions support includes, (but may not be limited to), any of the following services:

  • Interview to identify system performance requirements (first hour free)
  • Correct problems or tune-up your current computer (see flat rates below)
  • Develop a list of items to purchase, and estimate.
  • Purchase all the items at the lowest possible cost
  • Arrange to install and configure
  • Test and get all functions working
  • Arrange initial training on basic functions on the critical applications
  • Troubleshoot any problems that come up.
  • Establish remote support for troubleshooting and training (Zoho).
  • Create your own personal domain name (lastname.com or lastname.net, depending on availability)
  • Setup your own personal web hosting service with unlimited email account names (firstname@lastname.net or .com)

Computer Tune-ups

Fixed rates for general or major computer tune ups. Cost for virus and spyware cleaning that does not require operating system restore will be $80 to $160. Restore of the operating system will include data recovery and installation of any applications; the customer provides original CDs (max of 10 applications.) or product codes. Maximum charge will be $160.. This work must be done at my office in Aptos.

Upgrade your Computer with SSD hard drive

The single most significate improvement that you can make to your computer.  I have replaced over 200 conventional hard drives with solid state hard drives in desktops or laptops, making your computer four times faster.  Prices of solid state hard drive have dropped significantly, have me give you a quote.

New Computer System Purchasing and Setup

I charge a flat rate ($160) for purchasing and set up of new computers. I supply quotes of new computer systems, purchase the system, turn on and configure and perform all updates, transfer any data from an old computer you supply, install any applications the customer supplies on original CDs. I deliver to the home (after Covid), set up your printer and test on site. With Windows 10 it is sometimes possible to image your drive to the new computer so all application and data will appear on the new computer as it did on the old computer.

I am a skilled and patient PC Support/Solutions person with over 40 years of experience. I am proficient with many applications but mostly Microsoft products. My specialty is working with people who have very limited computer skills. Let me make it easy for you, as I have since 2002

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