Linux Mint Computers

I get hand me down computers, some with operating systems and that are no longer supported. So I install the free Linux Mint operating system. Linux is very similar to Windows and includes free software, a word processor, spread sheet and presentation software compatible with MS Office and many others that are included or can be downloaded for free.

Linux doesn’t really need an antivirus application and you will notice few if any popups or spam. It is simpler but if you use specific Windows or Apple software, it will not work in Linux (such as Quicken or Quickbooks). Chrome is included and for an email application they include Mozilla Thunderbird and FireFox.

If you should need help with your computer, I have a remote access software they will allow me to log on to the computer and show you how to use it or help fix any issues that come up.

Currently I have one desktop and one laptop and that set up and ready to go. The desktop includes the keyboard, mouse and display. The laptop has a battery that might need replacement since it is old. Also, one of the catches that holds it in place is missing be the locking latch seems to be all that is needed.

Feel free to take one and try it out. If you don’t think it is right for you, please be sure to return it for someone else to use.