Offering a wide range of services to the PC user

  • Computer tune-up
  • New Computer setup, HP, Dell, Toshiba, IBM, Sony or generic
  • Application Training
  • Home network setup
  • Domain registration for $10 per year
  • Web Hosting options for $60 per year
  • Recycled computer supplies (paper, envelopes, and more)
  • Printer Cartridge replacement with RapidRefill cartridges

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Complete PC Solutions for the home.
The first hour is free!
(see coupon at

  • Purchase Equipment and/or software
  • Setup and install
  • Training, function and application specific support. I can provide a complete package including live remote and phone support.
    • Interview to identify system performance requirements
    • Make a list of items to purchase
    • Purchase all the items, custom HP, Compaq, Dell or generic systems
    • Make an appointment to install
    • Install and get all functions working
    • Setup initial training on basic functions
    • Make appointment to train user on the critical applications
    • Troubleshoot any problems that come up
    • Establish subscription through partner services for one year of 24x7 live phone/web support
    • Create your own personal domain name ( or
    • Setup your own personal web hosting service with unlimited email account names (

Complete systems (computer, display, printer) starting at $800 or less.


Partner Services
Protection from Viruses and Spyware

Backup Services
This device connects to your network through your router. You load software on each computer on the network and identify the files and folders you wish to keep backed up. The rest is automatic as you change or create files. Hard drive sizes up to 1 TB. Good for people that create a lot of digital pictures and/or have several computers in the home. Can access files remotely over the internet as well.

Remote Training and Support

If you would like to have me work on your computer remotely (not available 24x7), I recommend you sign up for, which is free for remote access only, then my discount hourly rate would apply for the time I am connected to your PC ($50 per hour).

Willing to do a subscription or hourly rate structure.

I am a patient and skilled PC Support person with over 20 years of experience. I am proficient with many applications but mostly Microsoft products. My specialty is working with people who have very limited computer skills. Let me make it easy for you.


In the Santa Clara Country area:

Need small business, server or small business networking support? Please contact Eddie, Fehl-Safe Solutions, Inc 650-269-3703

Need a professional web site for your business? Contact Reily Sweetland at Internet Simplicity (408) 354-6679

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